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Aspen are iconic; their stark white bark and black scars make their stanchion a noticeable force in the mountain forests of Colorado. You may be wondering what it means to live The Aspen Way. Aspen trees represent the beauty and scars of living life as a human and the unique journey that each of us takes in this lifetime. The wonder of aspen trees is they are not individuals but a colony, connected at the roots. Life for them can never be only an individual existence but will always be an embedded experience of community. When one tree is sick, the colony feels the sickness and responds. Living the Aspen Way is an exploration of an individual journey embedded in community.

The Aspen Way blog is a place for process, story, and thoughts that amble through the connections of body, soul, and spirit as we find our path to heal. Or in an approach of Occupational Therapy; The Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model of well-being.

I have been an occupational therapist for 20 years now and have spent 7 years in seminary. I continue to marvel at the connections and relationships across these professions.

Healing from any wound takes a unique combination of individual process within the safety and celebration of community. Much of healing is individual work with counselors. But the underlying truth is that wounds happen to us when we were in relationships, in community, with others. Therefore, the fullness of healing cannot be a solitary journey. We truly heal in healthy community, a community we may not know how to identify or how to trust. It is a journey, a long walk on a narrow path that many choose not to follow. But you have…

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